Good Morning Sam is a love story like none I have ever read. It is a delightful read and I highly recommend it for adults and children. Hold your favorite child on your lap and read the story to them and show them the delightful pictures of Sam, Samantha, Missy and Little One. Perfect! Phyllis and Ralph bring you into the true story of the four mute swans so you feel that you are actually part of their story. You may even shed a little tear or two. I did.”

——Ruth Cederberg

“This is a remarkable story of two people who shared twenty-four years with mute swans. It is the story of their love for Sam, a wounded swan, who without their commitment and care would not have survived. As I read this account, I laughed and I cried. I wondered at and felt humbled by the author and her husband's devotion to these beautiful wild birds.”

——Nancy Sayre

Good Morning Sam is a treasure. Sam, the wild mute swan, definitely has a personality all his own. The relationship he and the other swans develop with Phyllis and Ralph is remarkable, heartwarming and emotional. I love the story and learned so much that I never knew about swans. The beautiful photographs truly portray the growth of trust and love between swan and human. I highly recommend this book— it will become a favorite of all generations.”

——Susan E. Smith

What Others Are Saying....

“I just finished reading Good Morning Sam and all I can say is that I was truly awed by the amount of love and caring that you gave to the swans. I still have tears running down my face!” ~ Cathy in Ohio

“Good Morning Sam is a delightful and informative book on mute swans. The relationships between humans and wildlife are so touching. I cried at times, laughed other times and learned so much more about mute swans than I ever could have imagined. The photographs are beautiful and add to your informative writing – making Good Morning Sam a complete treasure.” ~ Janet in Massachusetts

"Good Morning Sam is a beautiful story of relationships beyond words – relationships that will make you smile, laugh, and cry. Regardless of whether you consider yourself a 'nature lover;' this book keeps you wondering what will come next, page after page. An amazing story that will truly make you appreciate life." ~Michelle in Massachusetts

“Good Morning Sam by Phyllis Washburn of Marion MA is a heartwarming story about the bonds between nature and people and their growing relationships and trust with four mute swans. Illustrated with beautiful photographs this story will truly make you appreciate life.”

~ Everything

“I just finished reading Good Morning Sam. Truly, I went on every adventure, every feeding, and every emotion with you.” ~Gloria in Ohio

“I really enjoyed reading Good Morning Sam. I never would have guessed that it was possible for humans and swans to form such close relationships. Not only the communication between humans and swans, but between the swans themselves. There were times when I almost cried.” ~ Alice in New Hampshire